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Security Administrator will function in demo mode until registered with a license key. Please feel free to try it out.

File Name FileMaker Version Platforms Security Administrator 15-16 (32-bit)
14 (32-bit)
Win, Mac
Win, Mac Security Administrator 8.5-11 Win, Mac Password Administrator 3-6 Win, Mac

Revision History

7/12/2017 – Security Administrator 2.1.6 – Windows, Mac
Login Account Changes
Removal of ‘User’ Accounts – The previous ‘user’ accounts have been removed.
Demo Account & Password – A new ‘demo’ account and password have been added to allow for testing of Security Administrator prior to purchasing a license. See the Security Administrator Manual for more details.
Licensed Accounts – When you have purchased a Security Administrator license, information on additional login accounts and passwords will be sent, along with your registration license key. These new accounts will work, in conjunction with your license key, to give you access to Security Administrator’s full feature set.

– Security Administrator 2.1.5 – Windows
FileMaker 15 & 16 Compatibility Release (32-bit – Windows only)
– Security Administrator has been updated to work with FileMaker 15 and 16 running in 32-bit mode, which is only an option on Windows. See the Security Administrator Manual for more details.

10/9/2015 – Security Administrator 2.1.0 – Windows, Mac
FileMaker 14 Compatibility Release (32-bit only)
– The zippScript plugin, which Security Administrator requires for most of its functionality, only works when FileMaker 14 is running in 32 bit mode. See the Security Administrator Manual for more details.

10/16/2014 – Security Administrator 2.0.9 – Windows, Mac
Multiple Window Selection / Flashing
– When initiating a process, like ‘Add Accounts,’ Security Administrator was unnecessarily selecting the windows of all open files. On the Windows platform, this resulted in multiple windows being drawn and screen flashing. Now only necessary files are selected in order to minimize the effect.

Background Layout on Completion
– When Security Administrator completed a process, the incorrect layout background was briefly displayed behind one of the completion dialogs. This has been fixed.

Improved Efficiency During Startup
– A maintenance process is run during startup. The efficiency of those steps have been improved.

10/16/2014 Security Administrator 1.4.9 Windows, MacOS
(Same fixes as for 2.0.9)

8/20/2014 Security Administrator 2.0.7 Windows, MacOS
Sort Buttons
– Ascending and descending sort buttons have been added to the Matrix layout, as well as to other list layouts. This allows for easier organization and navigation through long lists of accounts, files, and privilege sets.

Log Window Sizing
– Previously, when the log window opened, it was sized to be fairly small, only displaying a few lines of the log. This has been changed so the log list expands to the maximum height allowed.

8/20/2014 Security Administrator 1.4.7 Windows, Mac
(Same fixes as for 2.0.7)

6/16/2014 Security Administrator 2.0.6 Windows, Mac
FileMaker 13 Compatibility
– Security Administrator 2.0.6 has been updated for compatibility with FileMaker 13.

6/16/2014 Security Administrator 1.4.6 Windows, Mac
FileMaker 13 Compatibility
– Security Administrator 1.4.6 has been updated for compatibility with FileMaker 13.

7/16/2013 Security Administrator 2.0.4 Windows, Mac
Matrix Sizing Fix
– Fixes a bug that could cause Security Administration to display the smaller “matrix” layout when it was not large enough to show all columns. It now correctly shifts to the larger matrix layout, when necessary.
Log Window Sizing Fix
– Fixes a bug that caused the Log window to be sized too small, preventing display of the Done button (without scrolling to the right).
File Not Open / Empty List Fix
– When the ‘Add Account’ button was clicked but one of the necessary target files was not open, Security Administrator would display an empty list. That has been fixed.

7/16/2013 Security Administrator 1.4.4 Windows, Mac
(Same fixes as in 2.0.4)

8/30/2012 Security Administrator 2.0.2 Windows, Mac
Genesis users only:
Prep Script Fixes
– Several fixes and refinements to the prep script process.
Registration Fix
– Fixed a bug that could prevent registration of SA 2.x once converted to FM 12.

8/30/2012 Security Administrator 1.4.2 Windows, Mac
Genesis users only:
Prep Script Fixes
– Several fixes and refinements to the prep script process.

7/30/2012 Security Administrator 2.0.1 Windows, Mac
Import Fix
– Fixed a bug that caused problems in the import upgrade process.
Registration Fix
– Fixed a bug that could prevent registration of SA 2.x once converted to FM 12.

7/30/2012 Security Administrator 1.4.1 Windows, Mac
(Same fixes as for 2.0.1)

7/16/2012 Security Administrator 2.0.0 Windows, Mac
Compatible with FileMaker 12.
Incorporates all of the enhancements and fixes of version 1.4.0.

7/16/2012 Security Administrator 1.4.0 Windows, Mac
Bug Fixes and Behavior Changes:
Add Account No Longer Requires ‘Old Password’
– Add Account no longer requires that the Old Password be filled in.
Adding an Account that Already Exists No Longer Produces an Error
– Previous versions of Security Administrator would return an error when attempting to add an account that already exists in one of the target files. This behavior has been changed so the new account automatically replaces any pre-existing account with the same name.
– NOTE: This change only is only in effect when the most current version of the ‘Security Administrator’ script is in the target files. You should replace any older versions of the ‘Security Administrator’ script in your target files.
Script Missing Halt Fix
– If the ‘Security Administrator’ script was missing in any of the target files when performing a process, like Add Account, Security Administrator would halt in the middle without an error message. This has been fixed. Security Administrator will now notify you if any of the target files are missing the necessary script.
Apply Privilege Set Across System Button Fix
– The Apply Privilege Set Across System button (the small gray button in the upper right of each cell on the Matrix layout) copies the current cell’s selected privilege set across the row to all modules for that account. This presupposes that the privilege set has been defined to work with all modules.
– When a module had not been defined to utilize the privilege set being copied across the account row, that module’s cell would be cleared of any previously selected privilege set. SA 1.4.0 no longer clears the privilege set in that case.
Small / Large Matrix Navigation Fix
– When navigating to the Matrix layout, Security Administrator now correctly identifies the number of module columns and takes you to either a small or large layout so all columns are visible.
Window Expansion Fix
– Security Administrator no longer expands its window to take up the entire screen each time a navigation button is clicked.
Multiple Logins No Longer Required During Upgrade Import with Future Upgrades
– Clicking the “SA Upgrade Import” button in the Admin Menu previously required administrators to re-enter the login account and password multiple times during the process of importing data from an older version of Security Administrator. A fix has been implemented so the login information is only required once in future upgrades.
– NOTE: This change is only in place when your Security Administrator 1.4.0 or later is your old version. Importing into SA 1.4.0 from an older version will not exhibit the fixed behavior.

UI Improvements:
Full Access Checkbox
– A new Full Access “FA” checkbox now appears in each cell of the matrix layout. Security Administrator is not able to set accounts to the default FileMaker “[Full Access]” privilege set, but there is still a need to identify Full Access accounts in the Security Administrator matrix.
– When you add an account with the Full Access checkbox marked, Security Administrator will give you a reminder to manually set the new account to the “[Full Access]” privilege set in your target file(s).
File List Tooltip for Module Column Header
– When you allow your mouse to hover over the Module name at the top of the each column in the Matrix layout, a tooltip will appear listing all files contained in that module. (This is also a good way to double check the full module name when it is too long to be fully displayed on the layout itself.)
Account Job Title Field
– A new Title field has been added to the contact information section of the Accounts detail tab under Setup.

6/16/2008 Security Administrator 1.1.3 Windows, Mac
Open Window Check – Security Administrator previously only checked that all necessary files were open. If a file was opened indirectly, however, it could be open without ever having had a window open, which causes problems for the zippScript plug-in used by Security Administrator. Security Administrator now checks that all selected files have at least one open window before running any processes on those files and, if necessary, it warns the user which files need open windows.

3/31/2008 Security Administrator 1.1.2 Windows, Mac
Matrix Column Expansion:
The large matrix layout has been expanded to show up to 45 files and modules.
File Name in Tooltips:
The tooltips note that appears when the pointer hovers over the file name at the top of the column header now includes the file name itself. This allows you to easily see the full file name when it does not fit in the field itself.

2/7/2008 Security Administrator 1.1.1 Windows, Mac
Matrix Fix for More than Seven Columns:
Security Administrator 1.1.1 fixes a bug that could prevent display of all files/modules when more than seven columns appear in the matrix layout.

12/8/2007 Security Administrator 1.1.0 Windows, Mac
Registration and Login Changes:
New Registration Key Required
Security Administrator 1.1 and beyond will NOT register with the registration keys issued for version 1.0.
If you purchased a license key for Security Administrator 1.0, New Millennium will issue you a new license key for version 1.1.
Manual Login and File Security Enhancement
You are now required to login to Security Administrator under one of two accounts (“user” or “user2” no default password), and then change the password to anything you like, giving your personal control over the security of the file.

New Password Features:
Create Random Passwords
Automatically generate random passwords for all selected accounts in the matrix layout.
Email Account Password Updates
With the click of a button, send out emails to all account holders notifying them of changes to their account passwords – helpful when updating or randomizing passwords.
Set Passwords to Expire
When running in FileMaker Pro 9, Security Administrator’s Reset Password functionality now allows you to specify new passwords to automatically expire on the next login, forcing users to immediately change their new passwords.
This is helpful when issuing random passwords that are not intended as permanent passwords.
Passwords set to expire are noted in the matrix.
Change Password Incorporated into Reset Password
Because Change and Reset Password are similar, the Change Password functionality, formally initiated with a separate button, has been integrated into the Reset Password button.
When the target file is open with full access privileges, Reset Password is used; otherwise, Change Password is attempted.
Important: “Security Administrator” script must be updated in target files
In order to accommodate these new password features, the latest “Security Administrator” script contained in the SA_Script.fp7 support file must be copied and pasted into your target files.
If you were using an earlier version of Security Administrator, you will need to update the “Security Administrator” script in your target files and remove the old script.

New Import Features:
Import from Previous Version
When upgrading Security Administration, you can now import all data from the old version to the new. This saves you from having to manually re-enter all data.
Import Accounts and Privilege Sets from DDR
You can now import accounts and privilege sets from a Database Design Report generated by FileMaker Pro Advanced. Security Administrator also assigns the correct privilege set to the correct account for the specific file.

UI Improvements:
Small and Large Matrix Layouts
Security Administrator now has both a small and large matrix layout. When fewer than seven files and/or modules are being managed, the small matrix layout will be used; otherwise, the larger matrix layout is used.
Administration Menu
View Log, Reset Matrix, and the different import buttons have been gathered together into a new Administration Menu layout.
Duplicate Account Buttons
New Duplicate Account buttons allow you to duplicate account data, including passwords, privilege sets, etc.
“Reset Matrix” Button
Under certain circumstances, the matrix header (listing files, modules, and solutions) was incorrectly sorting. That problem has been resolved in anticipated instances, but this additional clean-up button has been added to the Administration Menu, as well.
Delete All Log Button Added
Splash Screen Navigation
Clicking on the Security Administrator logo in the matrix layout now takes you to the splash screen. Clicking the logo on the splash screen returns you to the matrix layout.

Bug Fixes:
Intel Mac Registration Fix
Fixes a bug that could cause registration to fail on Intel-based Macs.
Matrix Header Fix
Under certain circumstances, the matrix header (listing files, modules, and solutions) could sort incorrectly and no longer line up over the correct columns of selected privilege sets. That problem has been resolved in anticipated instances.
In addition, a “Reset Matrix” button has been added to the Administration Menu.
“[Full Access]” Privilege Set Name Control
Because Security Administrator does not set an account’s privilege set to FileMaker’s default “[Full Access]” privilege set, Security Administrator now prevents creating a privilege set definition with that name.
Plug-In Error Message Language
When Security Administrator launches, it checks for a required plug-in. If the plug-in is not active, Security Administrator was erroneously reporting that the Event plug-in is required. It now correctly states that the necessary “zippScript” plug-in is required.
Delete File Cancel Fix
Fixes a bug that left you on an unused layout when canceling out of the delete file process.
Log Show All Fix

8/4/2007 Security Administrator 1.0.0 Windows, MacOS X
Initial Release of Security Administrator

2004-04-14 Password Administrator 1.2.1 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Fixed “some pretty good bugs in 1.2.0”.

2004-04-10 Password Administrator 1.2.0 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Added a “Password Standardizer” feature, specifically to facilitate conversion of solutions to FileMaker 7, but also providing other benefits.
Efficiency: The Password Standardizer feature adds significant efficiency – it automates changing many passwords in many files at once. This is very useful if you are preparing a commercial solution for delivery, or as a periodic general security maintenance procedure.
Case-consistency: The Password Standardizer feature facilitates the standardization of passwords to a consistent case: lowercase, uppercase, titlecase, or a custom combination of lower and upper. This is important when converting solutions to FileMaker Pro 7, since FMP 7’s evaluation of passwords is case sensitive, which it wasn’t in FileMaker Pro 6 and earlier. If passwords are not case-consistent, a user may not be able to open files in FileMaker Pro 7 or may be challenged with a password dialog numerous times in FMP 7, when they wouldn’t have been in FMP 6.

2003-09-10 Password Administrator 1.1.0 Windows, MacOS X
New Feature – Added a “Password not in these files” report.
Bug Fix – When editing privileges for passwords with Record Level Access calculations, the privilege was set to “All” instead of “Limited” when any privilege was changed.
Bug Fix – Under certain circumstances, the wrong passwords were edited.

2003-03-06 Password Administrator 1.0.4 Windows, MacOS X
Bug Fix – Setting Menu Options to “None” was not correctly saved back to the file.
Bug Fix – When editing privileges, Menu Options was being set to “Normal” in some circumstances.

2002-10-21 Password Administrator 1.0.3 Windows, MacOS X
Bug Fix – Under certain circumstances, removing the last “master” password from a file caused subsequent edit attempts to fail.
Bug Fix – Changing a password caused the User Name assigned to that password to be lost.
Obscure Bug Fix – Decimal points used in RLA calculations would show as “1” (e.g. “2.3” would appear as “213”).
Better support of long filenames created on Windows. File references with names longer than 31 characters wouldn’t resolve, and filenames longer than 127 characters could cause a crash.

2002-09-06 Password Administrator 1.0.2 Windows, MacOS X
New Documentation
Added an upgrade procedure
Bug Fix – “Create Records” privilege checkbox was not reliably displayed correctly on main view.
Bug Fix – “Only Master Password in File” checkbox was not reliably displayed correctly on some layouts.
Many minor changes to text labels, layout item alignment, messages, spelling, etc.
Fixed a problem that caused Windows users to be unable to register without a placeholder registration file.

2002-08-16 Password Administrator 1.0.1 Windows, MacOS X
Bug Fix – “Export Records” privilege checkbox was not reliably displayed correctly on main view.
Bug Fix – Under some circumstances certain updates failed in the previous version.

2002-08-15 Password Administrator 1.0.0 MacOS 9
Initial release at DevCon 2002.

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