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File Name FileMaker Version Platforms SecureFM 12-13 Win, Mac SecureFM 8.5-11 Win, Mac SecureFM 5-6 Win, Mac

Revision History

9/01/2016 – SecureFM
Development discontinued; SecureFM 13 is the final release.

8/21/2014 – SecureFM  13.0.2 – Windows
Minimize Window Fix
The SecureFM string to disable the Minimize Window menu item in the Window menu (“<*>:<8,B,<4>>”) correctly disables Minimize Window for FileMaker’s file window; however, disabling the entire Window menu (“<*>:<8,B,<0>>”) or removing it (“<*>:<8,B,<-1>>”) incorrectly disabled Minimize Window for the application window, not the file window. In this new release disabling or removing the entire Window menu now correctly disables Minimize Window for the file window, not the application window.

2/14/2014 – SecureFM13.0.1 – Windows, MacOS X

Menu Editor Updated for FileMaker 12 & 13

FileMaker 13 Compatible: SecureFM 13 for Mac is compatible with FileMaker 13.

Redesign of SecureFM 13 for Mac
SecureFM 13 for Macintosh is fully compatible with FileMaker 13. Because of significant changes in how FileMaker 12 and 13 interact with the Mac OS, SecureFM 13 for the Mac has several changes from earlier plugin versions:

  • New Disable Function Syntax
    Menus and menu items are no longer identified by numerical position. SecureFM 13 for Mac now uses FileMaker’s native menu IDs. The SecureFM Menu Editor has been updated to correctly calculate Mac strings for the new menu ID structure. You can also use the new ShowMenuIDs function to display individual menu ID numbers (or you can view the table included with the SecureFM documentation).The string format itself has also been modified in SecureFM 13 for Mac. Instead of requiring a separate bracketed line for each menu, new lines are only required for each mode (All, Browse, Find, Layout, and Preview), beginning with the new format identifier “100” —
    <*>: <100,A,<49153>> <100,B,<50158,50191,50159>> <100,P,<50158,50191,50159>>
  • Disable Submenu Items
    With the old format strings, submenus, such as File > Manage, could be disabled, but not individual submenu items. With the new menu ID strings, submenu items can be disabled individually, such as File > Manage > Database.
    This option is only available with the new string formats in the Mac version of SecureFM 13. It is not an option on Windows.
    (Note that the SecureFM Menu Editor file currently only allows you to build strings that disable entire submenus. You must manually create or modify your strings to disable individual submenu items.)
  • Closebox and Other Widget Buttons Must Be Disabled Separately
    In the old format strings (and on the current Windows plugin), you could disable menu items and associated widget buttons were automatically disabled. For example, disabling Close in the File menu would also disable the Close Window widget button. This is no longer the case in SecureFM 13 for Mac. You must disable widget buttons separately using special disable codes for each widget button.
  • New ShowMenuIDs Function
    Resets FileMaker’s menus to display the ID number next to every menu and menu item — a quick way to find out the individual menu ID numbers required by the new Disable string format in the Mac version of SecureFM.
  • Rename and Script Functions Not Supported
    Because of significant changes in how FileMaker Pro interacts with the evolving Mac OS, the Mac version of SecureFM no longer supports the Rename and Script functions.
  • HotKey and Other Non-Menu Functions Continue to Work
    Other non-menu functions continue to work as they always have: Register, HotKey, Event functions, ExtractParameter, StoreText/GetText, etc.

Mavericks Compatibility
Previous versions of SecureFM will not load on Mavericks (MacOS 10.9). SecureFM 13 loads and is fully functional on Mavericks.

Menu Editor Updated for New Mac String Format
The Menu Editor has been updated to handle the new Mac Disable string syntax for both FileMaker 12 and 13. Strings are also correctly generated for the Windows version of SecureFM, as well.

10/7/2012 – SecureFM 12.0.1 -Windows,  MacOS X
SecureFM 12 for Windows:
SecureFM 12 for Windows is fully compatible with FileMaker 12 and has full plug-in functionality.

SecureFM 12 for Mac:
The Mac version of SecureFM 12 is a limited functionality release. It can be used to call scripts with the PerformScript function. Most of its miscellaneous functions work, such as StoreText and GetText, etc. It’s Disable and Rename functions do not work, however, except on the “FileMaker” application menu.

11/8/2011 – SecureFM 11.0.4 – Windows,  MacOS X
FileMaker 11 Fix
Fixes an issue that could, under very specific circumstances, trigger a stability issue in FileMaker 11. Most deployments would never encounter this bug even in FileMaker 11, but this version is recommended for use with any solution that might be run with FileMaker 11.

12/1/2010 – SecureFM 11.0.3 – MacOS X
View Menu / print Dialog Interaction Fix in FileMaker 11
Because of an unexpected change in how FileMaker 11 interacts with the Mac OS, using SecureFM to disable items in the View menu also disabled items in the printer selection popup menu within the Print dialog. This behavior only occurred with FileMaker 11 on Mac. SecureFM 11.0.3 fixes that problem.

8/11/2010 – SecureFM 11.0.2 – MacOS X
Now Compatible with FileMaker Pro 11 on the Mac
New Functions:
Menu_DoFMPCommand Replaces Menu-DoFMPMenuItem on Mac
The Menu-DoFMPMenuItem function, used primarily to enter Layout Mode by script, does not work in FileMaker 11 on the Mac (though it works with FM 11 on Windows). For solutions that depend on the ability to script access to Layout Mode, the Menu_DoFMPCommand function has been created as an alternate way to perform FMP commands. Rather than menu and item number in the parameter, this new function requires FileMaker’s internal command number. To enter Layout Mode, use Menu_DoFMPCommand ( 49156 ). (To find the command number for other FileMaker actions, call Menu-GetUserAction function, and look at the last value returned.) The function always returns “0”.
Menu_Version Function Has Optional aabbccdd Format
The Menu_Version function normally returns the version number in a format a.b.c, e.g. “11.0.2”. The function has now been expanded to optionally return in the format aabbccdd, e.g. “11000200”. To get the new format response, set the function parameter to Menu_Version (“number”). (This capability is only available with Menu_Version. It is not available for the old style function External ( “Menu-Version” ; … ). )

7/2/2010 – SecureFM 11.0.2 – Windows
Now Compatible with FileMaker Pro 11.0v2 (and all FileMaker Pro 11.0.x)
Enable Bug Fix: There was a problem in FileMakerPro 11.0v1 on the Mac that affected SecureFM, so we included code in our Mac plug-in (under development) to prevent loading in later versions of FMP 11.0.x. That code was accidentally included in the Windows version as well, thus preventing SecureFM 11.0.1 from enabling with FileMaker Pro 11.0v2. (Normally, when you purchase a version of SecureFM that works with, say, FMP 11.0.1, it should automatically load in all subsequent FileMaker Pro 11.0.x versions, since there shouldn’t be major changes in those minor revs of FileMaker Pro.)
New Version Function:
Menu_Version Function Has Optional aabbccdd Format:
The Menu_Version function normally returns the version number in a format a.b.c, e.g. “11.0.2”. The function has now been expanded to optionally return in the format aabbccdd, e.g. “11000200”. To get the new format response, set the function parameter to Menu_Version (“number”). (This capability is only available with Menu_Version. It is not available for the old style function External ( “Menu-Version” ; … ). )
Support File Update: Script Triggers by Context Change Example Added to Support Files:
From the main menu in the SecureFM Menu Editor file (included with the download), click on the new “Script Triggers by Context Change” button to explore how you can use SecureFM to trigger scripts when changing file, table occurrence, layout, or window.

6/7/2010 – SecureFM 11.0.1 – Windows
Bug Fix:
Closebox Fix
This release fixes a bug that caused the closeboxes for both the file window and the application window are disabled when the string <*>:<1,B,<40>> should only disable the application window’s closebox.
Editor File Fixes:
File Menu Numbering Correction
A few items under the File menu were incorrectly numbered in the Editor file for FileMaker 11 strings. That has been fixed with this new release.
String Delimiter Change
While the SecureFM strings themselves use commas — e.g., <*>:<1,B,<7>> — the enclosing FileMaker function structure has been updated to use semi-colons — External ( “Menu-Disable” ; “<*>:<1,B,<7>>” )

5/17/2010 – SecureFM 11.0.0 – Windows
SecureFM 11 is now fully compatible with FileMaker 11.
New & Old Function Format:
Both New and Old Function Formats Supported
There are now two sets of plug-in functions: the “old style” External () functions; and an identical list of the functions in the newer format, such as Menu_Disable, Menu_Rename, etc.
No change is necessary: SecureFM is backward-compatible. You do not need to update your older files to accommodate the new style functions. This Windows version of SecureFM still handles External () functions without a problem.
Editor File Updates:
Updated for FileMaker 11 Menus
The Editor file has been updated to generate strings for menu configurations for FileMaker 7 – 11.
Minor Bug Fixes
Several minor bug fixes have been addressed in the Menu Editor file.

01/01/2000 – SecureFM with MenuMagic 3.0.1 – Windows, MacOS
FileMaker 4 Compatible
– Full Commercial Release debut

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