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The download may contain a directory structure which must be maintained when decompressing the files. If your decompression utility provides an option to maintain the directory structure please enable it.

If the resource fork of the plug-in was not extracted properly, visible symptoms are that the plug-in has a generic icon and the Finder’s Get Info does not display “Version: 2.0.3.” The execution symptom is that when you click on ‘Process a new solution’ you will see an error message that the plugin is not installed properly and to check the folder and the Applications Preferences.

MetadataMagic will function in demo mode, functional for processing 3 files at a time, until registered with a license key.

File Name FileMaker Version Platforms MetadataMagic 3-6 Win, Mac MetadataMagic (Japanese) 3-6 Win, Mac MetadataMagic (German) 3-6 Win, Mac

Revision History

2006-10-24 Bugs and Issues Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9 FM 6.x
The current version of MetadataMagic is 2.0.3; The current version of the MetadataMagic plug-in is 2.0.3.
When using File Reference Fixer, it is especially important that you use the most current version to avoid known problems.

Hot bugs Updated 2006-10-24

  • Under certain conditions, an import or export script step may not correctly report the file reference that it is using in MetadataMagic 2.0.3 and earlier. In some cases (when nothing else is using the same file reference), this can lead to removal of the file reference by File Reference Fixer (via Auto-Fix or Remove Unreferenced).
    The primary condition that causes this problem is saving the script with an import/export type of XML, XLS, BATCH, or ODBC, then editing the script to use a type that is not one of those (eg. TABS, COMS, FMP). Under unknown additional conditions (eg. version of FMP used to edit the script), the import/export information stored in the script appears to be inconsistent, which triggers the bug in MetadataMagic.
    The primary symptom is that, in MetadataMagic, the script step’s File Reference count is 0, yet the file reference is still indicated as the target in the script step overview.
    This may be fixed in the next update, however, development of MetadataMagic has ceased so there is no certainty that another update will be issued. Therefore, use extra care when using File Reference Fixer by first checking for import/export script steps that have a file reference count of 0. If you find some, avoid using Auto-Fix, and use extra care when removing unreferenced file references.

Outstanding bugs and issues

  • Freshly cloned files may not be recognized by MetadataMagic as FMP files. (FileMaker Server may also refuse to open a never-opened-in-FMP clone.) If this occurs, opening the clone(s) in FileMaker Pro once should solve the problem.
  • Filenames that include the “return” character cause problems for the history functions, eg. “go back” doesn’t work for these files. (It is probably best to avoid using the “return” character in a filename.)
  • Path/File names that include the “/” character cannot be processed on MacOS X. (It is probably best to avoid using the 3 characters / \ : in folder and filenames, as some platforms use these for path delimiters.)
  • A third-party clipboard manager for Windows (“ClipCache”) causes FMP to generate an OLE error when processing is started in MdM. Processing continues normally when the error is dismissed.
  • On Mac OS, an error of the type “NavServices Can’t Run” may be reported if some third-party software (eg. “DefaultFolder”) is installed that alters the behaviour of “Open File” dialogs. You may need to remove the software if you can’t configure it to re-enable NavServices. NavServices is the component of the operating system used to select the folder containing your solution files.

2004-12-18 MetadataMagic 2.0.3 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9 FM 6.x
First version with a variant (2.0.3J) for the Japanese version of FileMaker Pro. The Japanese variant uses the Osaka font (instead of Verdana) to display your metadata.
Changed the plug-in to tolerate Unicode characters in paths to the target files and the string file on Mac OS X 10.2 and up.
Added the Japanese-only functions to the strings file (eg. YearName), this required updating the German localized strings file as well.
Includes the Conversion Issues Database v1.0.5, with several issues revised and many new and revised resolutions (see the revision history in the Conversion Issues Database folder for details).
Changed the Conversion Issues Report to preserve the Skip checkbox when a complete report is generated.
Includes the Conversion Log Analysis Tool v1.0.3, with several enhancements, including the ability to print reports and to view the log in chronological order.
Fixed a bug that would generate an error of the type “L_LID2A_ptr- valid IDs contain more than 0 bytes”.
Fixed a bug that would cause some fields and relationships used by a Perform Find / Enter Find Mode [restore] script step to be missed when a request included Omit.
Fixed a bug that caused the size of layout parts to be reported incorrectly.
Fixed some help records that referred to buttons that have been removed.
Fixed a couple of cosmetic bugs.

2004-08-04 MetadataMagic 2.0.2 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9 FM 6.x
Includes Conversion Issue Database, with some issues added and corrected.
Added a few new logic records for issues added in the CIDB 1.0.4.
Revised logic records to reduce false positives by searching for functions by function ID instead of name.
Revised a couple of logic records to be more specific.
Fixed a bug that caused information for a value list used in a sorted relationship to be taken from the related file instead of the local file.
Changed the Error flag for relationships to include unknown items in the sort specification.
Fixed a bug in MdM_Errors that took you to MdM_Calculations when drilling down through a Layout part.
Fixed a bug that caused field repetition numbers over 127, when specified as the target of a script step, to not display properly (eg. 128 displayed as 32768).
Tried to improve the help instructions for Adjust Coordinates.
Changed the order of layout item coordinates in MdM_Errors_ to better match the Size box.
Fixed a couple of cosmetic bugs.

2004-04-30 MetadataMagic 2.0.1 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Updated Conversion Issue Reporting Tool to v1.0.2; added a few new logic records for issues added in the CIDB 1.0.2.
The Conversion Log Analysis Tool is now included in the download.
Fixed a couple of cosmetic bugs.
The MetadataMagic plug-in and processing are unchanged from 2.0.0.

2004-03-30 MetadataMagic 2.0.0 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Conversion Issue Reporting Tool v1.0.0 introduced.
Added the Literal Search feature.
Addressed an issue that caused FMP to crash, damaging MdM_Errors_, typically by performing multiple “delete all/process/find” cycles.
Changed the processing procedure for the “Import (Matching Names)” script step so that fields are no longer explicitly referenced. As a result, this variation of the Import step is no longer considered to be using any fields. Previously, the field ID list stored in the script was used by MdM to show which fields were referenced, however this was inaccurate for FMP 5.5 and later (the field list is only used by FMP 5.0, before the “match names at runtime” feature was introduced).
Changed the “Unreferenced” checkbox for relationships to include the cascading delete flag as a valid use.
Fixed the “Unreferenced” checkbox for value lists to consider the case where the value list was only used in a field validation.
Addressed an issue that caused a “GetValidationMin / Max error” to be generated when processing “in range” field validations that were created on an early version of FMP.
Provided a way to escape the error trap that occured when the specified strings file existed, but was not the right file.

2003-11-26 MetadataMagic 1.5.3 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Added a file checking procedure to detect some forms of file corruption.
Fixed a bug from File Reference Fixer 1.5.0 – 1.5.2 that could cause file references to appear to be missing after a file is saved as a Clone or Compressed.
Added detection and repair for files affected by the bug that caused the FileMaker Developer Tool to crash when renaming some files that had unused file references removed with File Reference Fixer 1.5.0 – 1.5.1.
Fixed a bug that caused “Go To Related Record (Relationship Missing)” (relationship deleted) to not be flagged as an error, even though “Go To Related Record (unknown)” (relationship not selected) was flagged as an error.
Fixed a bug that caused a processing error when a value list was based on a value list in another file, but the file reference ID was invalid.
Fixed a bug that caused the processing error “#-2117: FMPIDul2l- ID cannot be 7f..7fff” to be generated for buttons on a layout that refer to a related field whose ID is > 127.
Fixed the “Include In Menu” checkbox in the Scripts portal in MdM_Databases_.
Scripts edited on some early version of FMP (probably 2.x) can have internal script step numbers that start at an unusually high number. In MdM 1.0.3 and earlier, this problem was not detected, and these scripts appeared to be empty. In MdM 1.5.0 – 1.5.2, this problem generated a processing error indicating the ID of the problem script(s). MdM 1.5.3 now processes these scripts without any workarounds.

2003-09-29 MetadataMagic 1.5.2 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Fixed a bug that caused the FileMaker Developer Tool to crash when renaming some files that had unused file references removed with File Reference Fixer. If you have used the “Auto-Fix” or “Remove Unreferenced” function of File Reference Fixer in a prior version of MetadataMagic, you may not be able to rename the files using the developer tool. If it is not convenient to revert to a backup, contact us to have this problem repaired at no cost.

2003-09-09 MetadataMagic 1.5.1 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Fixed a bug that caused MetadataMagic to have problems discriminating between file references that point to filenames that differ only in the last character, and have no extension.
Fixed a bug on Windows that caused the “By Number…” value in Go To Record, Go To Portal Row, and Omit Multiple script steps to sometimes return incorrect values (eg., Go To Record 2 became Go To Record 33554432).

2003-08-18 MetadataMagic 1.5.0 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
First version with File Reference Fixer.
Fixed bug which could cause a crash while processing an “import via ODBC” script step whose query is static text (not in a field) longer than 127 characters.
Fixed bug causing the sort specification for Sort script steps to show as “unknown” when the internal index table of the sort criteria was not consecutive starting with 1.
On Macintosh, the file extension is now extracted from the filename (or assumed to be fp5/fp3 if no extension is present) when file(s) are transferred from Windows using methods that do not set the Finder file type properly. The old behaviour caused discrepancies between references to “somefile” and “somefile.fp5”, which FMP normally considers equivalent. For solutions bound with a “custom” extension, file extensions must be present or the file type set properly for correct processing.
Fixed bug which prevented the auto-close and/or auto-quit after processing options from working when the target solution has passwords.
Fixed the valuelist for the relative-only checkbox in the file references portal in MdM_Databases_.
Fixed a problem with a link “to calculation formula” button that kept the back button from working.
Added the “disabled” checkbox to password records. Disabling of passwords is one feature of Password Administrator, also available from NMCI.
Added the remaining password settings checkboxes to the portals displaying passwords.
Added a log entry containing the likely-problematic database name when a processing error occurs.
Fixed a few cosmetic bugs.

2002-10-09 MetadataMagic 1.0.3 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Fixed bug that caused some calculation formulas containing numeric constants to show “1” instead of the decimal point. (eg. 213 instead of 2.3).
Fixed bug that could cause MetadataMagic to crash when processing a solution containing filenames longer than 127 characters.
Fixed bug that caused error: “ResolveFileSpec2ID can’t handle filenames of x characters” when processing a solution containing references to filenames longer than 31 characters.
Value Lists now show the other Value Lists based on them.
Fixed checkbox for “Use default password” preference

2002-09-19 MetadataMagic 1.0.2 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Relationships now show the Value Lists using them when the value list is based on the contents of a related field.
Processing errors generated by the MetadataMagic plug-in are now prefaced by error number -2117 in the LogFile.
Fixed bug that generated “*** Error *** LID2A_ptr- valid IDs contain more than 0 bytes” while getting Script Data for a script step with a restored import order where some fields had been deleted from the source file.
Fixed bug that generated “*** Error*** #0 is not a valid index” while getting LayoutIDs if the LayoutID list started with 0 instead of 1.
Fixed various cosmetic bugs.

2002-08-21 MetadataMagic 1.0.1 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
Fixed bug that caused some groups to show some fields and layouts with read-only access as having read/write access. This occurred when the group with the previous ID had full access.
Fixed bug that prevented strings file from loading properly if it had been moved or renamed since the previous processing run. This was most obvious when MetadataMagic was moved to another machine where the path to the strings file is different.
Fixed various cosmetic bugs.
First version available with Master Access.

2002-08-12 MetadataMagic 1.0.0 Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9
First version available.

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