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File Name FileMaker Version Platforms FMrobot 7-9 Mac FMrobot 7-10 Win

Revision History

2/13/2009 FMrobot 2.2.0 Windows 7-9
– Fully compatible with FileMaker 10
FMrobot 2.2.0 can now correctly read Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Advanced 10, and work with target files open in FileMaker 10 (as well as FM 7 – 9).
– Bug Fix: Cumulative Validation Settings

8/13/2008 FMrobot 2.1.0 Windows 7-9
Relationship Feature Fixes and Improvements
– Relationship TO Selection Fix
Version 2.1.0 fixes a problem that could occur when FMrobot selects the table occurrences when defining relationships. A problem was discovered idiosyncratic way that FileMaker Pro sorts table occurrences in its drop-down lists. That could result in FMrobot selecting the wrong TO for a relationship, which could cause circular references and other problems. That is now fixed.
– Relationship Speed Increase
FMrobot uses a new, more efficient technique for gathering information about existing tables in the target file, making the process much faster.
– FMrobot’s Table and Script No Long Used
Previous versions of FMrobot 2 created a temporary table and script in your target file in order to gather information about existing tables in preparation for the creation of relationships. This caused some confusion, if, for some reason, the relationship creation process was aborted, leaving those temporary elements in place. Trying to run the relationship creation process again would then result in an error until the user manually deleted the table and script. FMrobot 2.1.0 now uses an approach that does not require that special table and script, eliminating the problem.

4/18/2008 FMrobot 2.0.7 Windows 7-9
Relationship Graph Fixes
– Non-Standard Characters in TO Names: FMrobot now correctly handles the creation of Table Occurrences on the relationship graph when the TO name uses characters that trigger FMP’s non-recommended characters warning.
– TOs Without Relationships: When the source file had only Table Occurrences but not actual relationships on the relationship graph, FMrobot would produce an error. That’s handled now with a more graceful exit.
– Consolidating Relationship Graphs: Target File Referenced in Source File’s Relationships: Previously, when consolidating relationship graphs into a single file, FMrobot worked on the premise that the target file was an entirely separate file. Problems could occur if the target file was referenced in the relationship graph of the source file (which is now being consolidated into the target file). FMrobot now checks to make certain that the target file is in fact an external file to the source file and doesn’t treat it as an external file when adding TOs and relationships.
– Minor updates to the documentation.

4/16/2008 FMrobot 1.7.1 (for Tiger) MacOS X 7-9
Extended Privileges Bug Fixed: Fixes a problem that could cause Extended Privilege checkbox settings to be incorrectly replicated in the target file’s privilege sets.
Minor updates to the documentation

3/28/2008 FMrobot 2.0.6 (unreleased) Windows 7-9
FMrobot 2.0.6 was unreleased and used for internal testing only.

12/11/2007 FMrobot 2.0.5 Windows 7-9
– Resolves stability issues and fixes a few bugs that could occur when moving relationships
Under certain circumstances FMrobot 2.0.0 could select an incorrect table when creating a relationship or select the wrong operator in a newly created relationship. FMrobot 2.0.5 solves those problems.

12/08/2007 FMrobot 1.7.0 (for Tiger) MacOS X 7-9
Compatible with FileMaker Pro 8.5 and 9!: FMrobot 1.7.0 is now fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 9 and 8.5 on the Mac – as well as FMP 7 and 8.0.

8/3/2007 FMrobot 2.0.0 Windows 7-9
– Compatible with FileMaker 9 on Windows!
FMrobot now performs all of its functions in FileMaker 7, FileMaker 8/8.5, and FileMaker 9 target files. And it can now read Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Developer 6, 7, 8, 8.5, or 9.
-Transfer Relationships and TOs!
FMrobot 2 allows you to transfer table occurrences and recreate relationships on the relationship graph — a huge time savings for complex files that can have dozens or hundreds of relationships!

3/21/2007 FMrobot 1.6.2 (for Tiger) MacOS X 8.0
Privilege Set Error Fix: Under certain circumstances FMrobot was returning a “NilObjectExtension” error when attempting to transfer privilege sets on the Mac. FMrobot 1.6.2 fixes this problem.

10/13/2006 FMrobot 1.6.1 Windows 8/8.5
– Compatible with FileMaker 8.5 on Windows!
FMrobot now correctly builds tables, creates fields, custom functions, value lists, and privilege sets in both FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8/8.5 target files. And it can now read Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Developer 6, 7, 8, or 8.5. (FMrobot 1.6.1 for Mac works with FileMaker Pro 7 and 8.0 — coming soon for 8.5, as well.)

12/13/2005 FMrobot 1.6.1 (for Tiger) MacOS X 8.0
Custom Functions Ampersand Fix: If a Custom functions contained an ampersand “&”, the ampersand was reproduced in the target file’s custom function as “& amp”. FMrobot 1.6.1 and 1.0.1 fixes this bug.

12/013/2005 FMrobot 1.0.1 (for Tiger) MacOS X 8.0
Custom Functions Ampersand Fix: If a Custom functions contained an ampersand “&”, the ampersand was reproduced in the target file’s custom function as “& amp”. FMrobot 1.6.1 and 1.0.1 fixes this bug.

12/06/2005 FMrobot 1.6.0 (for Tiger) MacOS X 8.0
Brings Mac Version on Par with Windows Version: In addition to all of the features and changes added to version 1.0.0, FMrobot 1.6.0 for the Mac now includes all of the functionality available in FMrobot 1.6.0 for Windows.
Value Lists: FMrobot 1.6.0 gives you the ability to transfer custom value lists between files.
Privilege Sets: FMrobot 1.6.0 allows you to transfer FM 7/8 privilege sets between files.

12/06/2005 FMrobot 1.0.0 (for Tiger) MacOS X 8.0
Official Commercial Release
FMrobot 1.0.0 brings the Mac version of FMrobot into parity with the 1.0.x versions of FMrobot for Windows. Users who had purchased one of the earlier ‘commercial beta’ releases of FMrobot for the Mac can upgrade to this version for free.
Custom Functions
FMrobot 1.0.0 now supports the ability to transfer custom functions between files.
FM 8 Compatible
FMrobot is now able to read Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Developer 6 or 7 or FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced. Previous versions of FMrobot only worked correctly with DDRs generated by FM Developer 6 or 7. Target files can now be open in either FileMaker 7 or 8.
Non-Target Windows Not Hidden
Previous versions of FMrobot for the Mac hid all FileMaker windows, except for the target window. FMrobot 1.0.0 no longer hides those non-target windows.
Button Tooltips
Tooltips have been added so a brief descriptive note appears when the cursor hovers over the Browse and Refresh buttons.
Documentation Updates
The FMrobot User Guide and How To PDF files have been significantly updated.

10/13/2005 FMrobot 1.6.0 Windows 8.0
– FileMaker 8 Compatible!
FMrobot now correctly builds tables, creates fields, custom functions, value lists, and privilege sets in both FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8 target files. And it can now read Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Developer 6, 7 or 8.
– Preserve Field ID Dummy Field Deletion Dialog
When you create fields with the ‘Preserve Field IDs’ checkbox selected, FMrobot creates dummy fields as field ID placeholders. FMrobot now gives you the option to delete those dummy fields or to keep them.
– Privilege Set Information Dialogs
FMrobot cannot assign custom privileges (which are inherently file-specific and/or table-specific). FMrobot now gives a message telling you which privilege sets were created without custom privileges. Also, if FMrobot cannot create one or more privilege sets because other privilege sets of the same name already exist in the target file, after completion FMrobot will display a message stating which privilege sets could not be created.

08/25/2005 FMrobot 1.5.0 Windows 7.x
– New: Value Lists: FMrobot now gives you the ability to transfer value lists from one file to another or to a batch of files.
– New: Privilege Sets: Easily transfer FM7 privilege sets between files!
– Custom Function Message Fix: When clicking on the Custom Functions tab before a source file has been selected, FMrobot gave a warning that stated, “Only a FileMaker 7 source file can have custom functions.” That message has been removed.
– Expanded User Guide and How To documentation

06/13/2005 FMrobot 1.0.5 Windows 7.x
– Improves FMrobot’s ability to reliably parse information from .fp5 Database Design Report files.

06/13/2005 FMrobot 0.9.0 (for Tiger) MacOS X 7.x
FMrobot 0.9.0 works on Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x)
Tiger-compatible Version
FMrobot 0.9.0 runs on Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x). FMrobot 0.9.0 will only launch on Tiger. The most current version that will run on Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x) is FMrobot 0.8.4.
Field Comments Preserved
FMrobot 0.9.0 for the Mac now preserves field comments when it recreates tables and fields in the target file.
Bug Fix: Dummy Field Deletion
When the ‘preserve field IDs’ check box is selected, FMrobot creates several dummy fields in order to recreate field ID’s correctly as it creates fields in the target file. FMrobot 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 have a bug that can in some cases prevent FMrobot from deleting those dummy fields at the end of the field creation process. FMrobot 0.9.0 fixes that bug.
Panther Warning Message
FMrobot 0.9.0 loads on Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x) but not on Panther (10.3.x). If you attempt to launch FMrobot 0.9.0 on Mac OS Panther, FMrobot gives you a warning message stating that you must a Panther-compatible version and then shuts down.

06/13/2005 FMrobot 0.8.4 (for Panther) MacOS X 7.x
FMrobot 0.8.4 works on Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x)
Tiger Warning Message
FMrobot versions prior to 0.9.0 load on Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x) but not on Tiger (10.4.x). If you attempted to launch previous versions of FMrobot on Tiger, FMrobot gave an unexplained “NilObjectException” error and then shut down. FMrobot 0.8.4 gives users a more explanatory warning message if you attempt to launch it on Mac OS Tiger to minimize confusion.
Final Panther Version
FMrobot 0.8.4 is the final Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x) compatible version. No further development will be done on the Panther version of FMrobot. Development will continue only with the Tiger-compatible version of FMrobot, beginning with FMrobot 0.9.0.

03/18/04 FMrobot 0.0.1 Windows 7.x
– Initial public release of a Commercial Beta version of FMrobot.

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