The essential tool for migrating solutions in older versions of FileMaker

MetadataMagic reads the metadata (info about the layouts, fields, scripts, value lists, relationships, etc.) directly out of FileMaker FP3 or FP5 files and populates it into an easy to use FileMaker database. It can process an unlimited number of files (no 50-file limit) and you can navigate through your interrelated metadata with unlimited drill-down and go back capability. MetadataMagic not only extracts and displays your file references, it lets you fix them too with the File Reference Fixer!

Please Note

MetadataMagic does not process the .FP7 or .FMP12 files from FileMaker 7 – 15; see the FAQ for more information.

FileMaker and OS Compatibility

MetadataMagic is fast, complete, and fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 5.0, 5.5, and 6, and can process both FileMaker .FP3 and .FP5 files. MetadataMagic works with any Mac OS that FileMaker Pro 5.5 or 6 runs on (up to OS 10.6). Similarly, for Windows users, MetadataMagic should function on any of the versions of Windows that FileMaker Pro 6 itself works on (Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8).


FileMaker Solution Migration

(to migrate to current versions of FileMaker)
  • Conversion Issues Report – Find all the instances of known conversion issues in your FileMaker solution.
  • Conversion Log Analysis Tool – Efficiently analyze the conversion log for errors. A license for this tool is included with MetadataMagic 2.0 (see video at bottom of page to see this feature in action).
  • Includes the “Conversion Issues Database” – a searchable reference based on the “FM 7 Converting Databases” document published by FileMaker, Inc.

File Reference Fixer

(See videos at bottom of page)

  • Set file references to “relative only” or to a specified IP address or host name
  • Consolidate multiple file references (so that only one remains in use per external file)
  • Clear unused file references from all files in your solution
  • Selectively modify individual file references, or many at once!

Information Included:

  • File references: Mac & Win full path, relative path, network path, “relative only”
  • Relationships: sort specification, including fields and value lists used
  • Layouts: part definitions, including subsummary when sorted by field
  • Layout items: text blocks, graphics, and buttons, including coordinates
  • File statistics: times not closed properly, times recovered
  • Groups: see Read/Write, Read-Only, and Access Denied for fields and layouts


  • Use with FMP 5.0, 5.5, or 6 (does not require FileMaker Developer)
  • Cross-platform (MacOS 10 up to 10.6, Windows 95 & up)
  • Does not require AppleScript, Print2Pict, or other third party utilities
  • Compiled C/C++ plug-in makes processing fast
  • No 50-file limit (therefore no time-consuming workarounds to process solutions with hundreds of files)
  • Supports new FMP 6 script steps
  • Processes .FP3 solutions without conversion
  • Can run in the background
  • Most complete information of any developer tool, full cross-reference links between: layouts, layout items, fields, scripts, value lists, relationships, passwords, groups, file references
  • Smooth navigation of resultant data via unlimited drill-down and go back
  • Unrestricted searching of data
  • Comprehensive error report, linked to original items
  • Unlocked FMP files (with Master Access option)

Quotes from users

“I needed to enforce a validation for every editable field. Using MetadataMagic, I was able to very easily find all non-calculation fields, without validations, on all necessary layouts.”

“We experienced a puzzling situation where a particular file in the solution was opened for no apparent reason. MetadataMagic showed us all the places the file was referenced, making it straightforward to determine why the file was opening unexpectedly.”

Japanese Language Support

Version 2.0.3J is a variant for Japanese solutions. This requires the Japanese version of FileMaker Pro, and uses the Osaka font to display metadata.

Foreign Language Localized Strings

Note: You must use the standard (english) strings file to use the Conversion Issue Report.

German: The German localized text strings file has been updated for compatibility with MetadataMagic 2.0.3. This update is available using the download link.

Other: Localized strings will not change the user interface of MetadataMagic, but will show the metadata (script steps, formulas, etc.) in another language. If you are interested in volunteering to localize the strings to another language, please write to us (credit for the localization effort is provided in the read-me that accompanies the localized strings file).


You can download MetadataMagic and use it in demo mode, functional for processing 3 files at a time. When you make your purchase and register your license key the product will become fully-functional.



Pricing is based on the numbers of files which can be concurrently processed.

There are extensive options which may be added to a primary MetadataMagic license; please see details of purchase options at the bottom of this page.

These options include: Cross Platform to allow you to use MetadataMagic on both Mac and Windows; Master Access to the files, enabling you to build your own analysis views; a Redistribution license to entitle you to redistribute the MetadataMagic database files containing the metadata about your solution. You can also expand the number of users and the number of files that may be concurrently processed.

Add to Cart


Upgrades are for owners of an earlier version of MetadataMagic. If you currently own a cross-platform or master access license and you wish to upgrade your MetadataMagic license, be sure to appropriately select a master access and/or cross-platform upgrade in addition to the “file license” upgrade.


MetadataMagic’s Frequently Asked Questions, including registration issues.


Questions / Support

Inquiries about MetadataMagic must be made via our Support Form to ensure accuracy.



MetadataMagic part 1:
Introduction to navigating your metadata.

MetadataMagic Part 2:
File Reference Fixer
Introduction to MetadataMagic’s File Reference Fixer.

MetadataMagic Part 3:
Conversion Issue Report
Introduction to MetadataMagic’s Conversion Issue Report

Options which may be added to a primary MetadataMagic license

Cross Platform License Option

You may add the cross-platform option to your MetadataMagic license at any time. This will allow you to install the software on one Mac and one Windows computer, but only allows the software to be used by the licensee (unless you have purchased additional user licenses).

Master Access Option

The master access option allows full programmatic access to the interface files, offering the ability to fully customize reports by customizing layouts, creating custom fields, etc.

Redistribution License

Allows you to redistribute the FileMaker Pro database files that are a part of MetadataMagic, with your solution which you own and which you license directly to the end-customer. Further details are provided in the license agreement document.

Service License

For those who wish to perform “File Reference Fixing” as a service, this license option permits developers to use File Reference Fixer and the Conversion Issue Reporting Tool in cases where they are not the owner or principal developer of the solution.

License Option

A license option has been created in response to requests from developers who wish to perform “File Reference Fixing” as a service. This license option permits developers to use File Reference Fixer and the Conversion Issue Reporting Tool in cases where they are not the owner or principal developer of the solution. Contact for details.

Additional Users

You may add additional users to your license at any time. The cost per additional user is equal to 20% of the value of your MetadataMagic package. If you add options such as cross-platform or master access later, their cost will be incremented proportionally based on the number of additional users. For example, if you purchase a 10 file license for $199.95, and an additional user license for $39.99, and later add the cross-platform option, the cost for the cross-platform option will be $99.95 + 20%, or $119.95. For each additional user license. please purchase a “quantity” of this “$1 item” equal to the dollar value (rounded) that you have calculated.

Increasing Your File Limit

Your MetadataMagic license may be converted from one “license level” to another. The price is based on the cost difference between the two license levels, plus $50. For example, if you have a 10 file license, for which you paid $199.95, and you wish to convert that license to a 60 file level, which is $499.95, your cost would be $499.95 – $199.95 + $50 = $350. Note that this does not affect your platform choice, which remains as it was for the original license.