MediaManager is a document, image, and sound management plug-in for FileMaker

MediaManager 17

MediaManager 17 has the following new features:

  • Compatibility with FileMaker 17
  • New plug-in format used on Windows
  • Windows plug-in is digitally signed
  • Media_FormatSettings now accepts a new optional parameter to preconfigure the dialog
  • LAME codec for Windows now that MP3 is not encumbered with patents
  • MediaManager 16 added 11 new file management script steps and other enhancements
  • See Revision History for complete information

MediaManager is now available from 1stplugins. For complete information, or to download a trial version, or for questions and support, please see:



Questions / Support



High Quality Image Manipulation

MediaManager will modify, transform, or convert images – without degradation, and all within your own FileMaker Pro files!

  • Adjust image size, bit-depth, quality, and resolution
  • Resize to specific dimensions or by percentage
  • Crop, scale, Reflect, Rotate, Skew, Perspective
  • Full QuickTime image effects (e.g., sharpen, merge, brightness/contrast, RGB balance, emboss, etc.)
  • Apply Effects using settings from dialog or silently under script control
  • Robust image handling: no detail is lost through multiple transformations
  • Convert image formats (JPG, GIF, BMP, PICT, TIFF, PNG, etc.)

Powerful Sound Editing

With MediaManager functions, you can transform your FileMaker Pro solutions into full sound studio or audio library!

  • Play sounds asynchronously in background
  • Control playback volume, tempo, and balance
  • Extract, fade, append, mix, and normalize sounds
  • Insert silence, tones, and noise
  • Insert and export sounds dynamically
  • Convert sound formats (MP3, WAV, MP4/AAC, M4A, AIFF, etc.)
  • View and modify the ID3 tags of MP3s
  • Create waveform images for sound clips

MP3 sound file support

MediaManager gives you a complete set of MP3 tools, as well as several other important functions and fixes:

  • Insert, edit, and export mp3 files
  • View and modify mp3 metadata
  • Get bit rates
  • Convert to mp3

MP4 / AAC sound file support

  • Convert to mp4 (Windows users require a third party AAC encoder such as Nero AAC)

File Management

Use MediaManager to organize, modify, or launch files. You can even create a complete document management system!

  • Store media (documents, images, sounds, movies, applications) directly or by reference
  • Grab HTML text, images, and other files from web sites
  • Export media with a dynamic name and location
  • Move, rename, copy, delete, create, and open external files
  • List volumes, folders, and files
  • Gather detailed information about images, sounds, and other media
  • GetVideoInfo to read metadata from video files

Ideas of how to use MediaManager

  • Sound archive/library management
  • Image archive/library management
  • Document management
  • Music or Podcast library application
  • Website content management
  • Automatically create web-friendly thumbnails
  • Dynamically generate web pages


Image Demonstration

Sound Demonstration