Integrating Genesis Accounting into an existing FileMaker solution

Genesis Accounting™ can, optionally, be merged with your existing commercial or custom FileMaker solution to provide a seamless integration of all your business processes. This enables automatic posting of customer and vendor transactions from your FileMaker files to the Genesis Accounting FileMaker files. Genesis Accounting works with a broad range of front-end solutions.

To integrate your existing commercial or custom FileMaker solution with Genesis Accounting, you use the Genesis Link file. The Link file is the connecting link between your files and the Genesis Accounting files. We have built nearly all the integration functionality into this file. You will need only to create in your files a few scripts, layouts, and fields and then remap the Link file relationships, field definitions, and scripts to your files. We provide complete documentation of the integration process and in-depth technical support to make the integration as straightforward as possible.

In the resulting integrated files, invoicing or billing files in the your FileMaker solution are linked to the Genesis Accounting Accounts Receivable file; posting invoices in your Invoices file creates records in the A/R file. Similarly, purchasing files are linked to Accounts Payable; posting POs in your PO file creates records in A/P. Both types of transactions post through to the General Ledger. Customer and vendor information stored in contacts files are looked up into the accounting files. The accounting files can be modified to use your existing password structures.