Genesis Business Metrics —
Part of the Genesis Financial Suite

Accounting data is only as good as its presentation, timeliness, and accuracy. You need a powerful tool for turning financial data into valuable information.

Seamlessly integrated with Genesis Accounting or used with data from any accounting system, Genesis Business Metrics includes a variety of financial tools that deliver real-time understanding of business performance.

Visual presentations communicate the interaction between related pieces of accounting data, bringing the whole financial picture into focus. Multilevel financial statements, budgets, and comparisons facilitate planning processes.


Financial Literacy

As a financial literacy tool, Genesis Business Metrics presents accessible and understandable information in a way that demystifies accounting and financial data with unique visual presentations.

Business Decision Tool

As a business decision tool, Genesis Business Metrics allows you to slice and dice your financial data in a variety of ways to get the most detailed and accurate picture of your financial well being. The Chart of Accounts has seven segments plus account groups to provide comparative, multi-level income statements and balance sheets.

Budgeting and Scenario Tool

As a budgeting and scenario tool, Genesis Business Metrics enables you to understand the past and strategize the future. Import budgets or projections from Excel. Compare budgets with actuals and create unlimited ‘what-if’ scenarios to inform your long-term plans. Your financial planners don’t have to spend hours each month getting the data from your accounting system into Excel and formatting it there before they can analyze it. Import your budgets once, import your actuals once each month, or not at all for Genesis Accounting users,* and begin immediately looking at sophisticated trend analyses.

* When Genesis Business Metrics is integrated with Genesis Accounting, you have direct connections to current, live accounting data with no need to import actuals! And you have complete “drill down” to underlying details. (If used independently – sans Genesis Accounting – budget and actual data can be imported from Excel spreadsheets, so you can analyze data from any accounting system.)

Financial Literacy Tools

Stop being intimidated by numbers, ratios, and financial statements

  • Recognize the difference between income and cash
  • Understand a balance sheet and how it is related to an income statement

Bridge the financial language barrier between middle management and executives

  • Learn to think like a skilled CFO and converse effectively with financial professionals and investors
  • See how different pieces of financial data are related through unique visual presentations such as the Mobley Matrix – balance sheet, income statement and cash-flow statement all in one, easy to understand view
  • Shows connections between various financial metrics
  • Financial performance strategy ratios
  • Three Bottom Lines – Profit, Cash, and ROA
  • Other key ratios
  • Balance Sheet Averages
  • Scroll to periods earlier or later than the one displayed
  • Trend analysis

Business Decision Making Tools

Perfect for executives, managers and teams — View the business over time with trend reports of data in many views and give your financial planners:

  • Easy access to financial information
  • The tools that empower them to plan and project
Leverage budget and scenario tracking by easily:

  • Comparing against actuals
  • Comparing against each other
  • Revising and comparing to revised versions

Import Financial Information

Excel templates provided for importing data from other applications

  • Import actuals from another accounting program
  • Income Statements
  • Trial Balances
  • Import other Information
  • Budgets
  • Projections
  • Scenarios
Advantages for Genesis Accounting Users

  • Direct connection to current, live accounting data
  • No need to import actuals
  • No need to import Chart of Accounts
  • Complete drill down to underlying details from all views

Flexible Financial Statements

Income Statements

  • Multi-level Income Statements by segments
  • Select period or period and year-to-date
  • Filter on a single segment value – a single department on a statement
  • Include all of a segment’s values – all departments on a statement
  • Sort and summarize by your segments in any order, e.g.:
    • Job, Department, Account Group
    • Account Group, Department
    • Department, Product Line, Account
    • Contract, Account Group
    • Location, Product Line, Contract
    • Region, Department, Contract, Account Group
  • Comparative Multi-level Income Statements by segments
  • All the features of Multi-level Income Statements plus comparisons
  • Compare actuals to actuals for any periods
    • Month vs. month
    • Quarter vs. quarter
    • Year vs. year
    • Different periods – same year
    • Same periods – different years
Slice and Dice with Segments and Groups

  • Detail or summary
  • Chart of Accounts has seven segments
  • Account
  • Department
  • Job
  • 4 user defined segments
  • A variety of specific segment based reports
  • Account Groups summarize related Accounts
  • Summarize by any segment (suppress accounts if desired)

Balance Sheets

  • Multi-level Balance Sheets
  • Two-level by account groups and accounts
  • Single-level by account group or account only
  • Compare actuals to actuals for any periods
  • Month vs. month
  • Quarter vs. quarter
  • Year vs. year
  • Different periods – same year
  • Same periods – different years

Cash Flow Statements

  • Direct Cash Flow
  • Shows actual cash events, i.e. collections, inventory paid, etc.
  • Indirect Cash Flow
  • Adjustments to Net Profit for changes in balance sheet items

Sophisticated Financial Analysis

Financial Scoreboard

  • Mobley Matrix presentation shows connections between
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Three Bottom Lines – Profit, Cash, and Return on Assets
  • Other key ratios
  • Balance Sheet Averages
  • Scroll to periods earlier or later than the one displayed

Trend Report Features (for all reports listed below)

  • Comparative summarized statements
  • Multiple periods displayed at a time
  • Scroll to periods earlier or later than the 8 displayed
  • Choose dates
  • Choose period
  • Month / 2 months / Quarter / Half year / Year
  • Navigate directly from one report to any other (for the same periods)
Trend Reports

  • Trend Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
    • Direct
    • Indirect
  • Trend Analysis Report
  • Big picture view of trends
    • Revenue
    • Net Profit
    • Cash Flow
    • Assets
  • Primary Metrics
  • Key financial performance ratios, including:
    • COGS/Sales
    • Operating Expense/Sales
    • Asset Turnover
    • Financial Leverage
    • Return on Equity
  • Other essential metrics, including:
    • Average Receivables
    • Receivable Days
    • Average Inventory
    • Inventory Days
    • Average Payables
    • Payable Days

Budgets, Projections, Unlimited Scenarios

All the features of Multi-level and Comparative Income Statements plus:

  • Import from Excel spreadsheets
  • Budgets
  • Projections
  • Scenarios
  • Actuals from any other accounting program
  • Compare for any periods
  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Budget vs. Budget
  • Scenario vs. Actual
  • Scenario vs. Scenario
  • Budgets, projections and scenarios
    • for the entire company
    • by Department
    • by Product Line
    • by Location
    • by sales person
  • Revise and easily evaluate changes
  • compare them to earlier versions
  • compare them to actuals


Genesis is sold in sets of five licenses and includes the latest version of FileMaker Pro for each user. Our flexible pricing allows you to tailor Genesis to your needs, either as separate modules or as a complete suite.

To learn more, please visit our pricing page.

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