MetadataMagic FAQ

Frequently asked questions about MetadataMagic.

Where can I find a Revision History for MetadataMagic?

Click here for MetadataMagic’s Revision History.

Where can I download a demo version of FMrobot?

Click here for MetadataMagic’s download page. It will function in demo mode, limited to processing 3 files at a time, until you purchase a license key.

Is MetadataMagic compatible with FileMaker Pro 7/8/9/10/11?

No. MetadataMagic will not process fp7 files. Development of MetadataMagic ended in 2004. The product is intended for developers dealing with older FileMaker solutions on older systems – and we know there are many of you out there, because it remains a popular product to this day!

You may want to take a look at Base Elements by Goya Ltd.

When I buy MetadataMagic, can my license key be registered to the company I work at, rather than to myself?

MetadataMagic is a single-user product. We do not issue license keys for this product in the name of a group or organization; we issue licenses in the name of an individual only.

For workplace situations in which several people need to access MetadataMagic we offer a substantial discount for each additional user you may wish to add to your license. The cost per additional user is 20% of the value of your MetadataMagic package. See the footnotes of the Purchase page for details.

We have a number of users who access FileMaker via a server. Can MetadataMagic run on the server?

No. MetadataMagic runs on a local computer, where it can process local files (such as a copy of a recent backup of the server files). The users of your solution probably have no need to use MetadataMagic; typically it is only the developer that will use it.

I notice the pricing is according to the number of files. Is it possible to only examine a few files at a time or must they all be done simultaneously? Say we have 60 files, do we really need a 60 file license?

The number of files purchased is the maximum number to be concurrently processed. Usually, those are all of the inter-related files in one single solution.

If you process fewer files (by excluding some related files), you will observe a number of errors of the type “related file is missing”. This might not be a serious problem when investigating a particular issue in a well-known solution, but in the case where you are trying to learn the details of the solution, this is likely to be a substantial hindrance. You can explore this effect by using the free demo, which is limited to processing 3 files at a time.

That said, it is fairly common to have multiple independent solutions on one FileMaker Server — e.g. 30 related files in an accounting solution, 20 related files in a manufacturing solution, and 10 miscellaneous independent files. As long as those solutions are not inter-related then you could use a 40 file license (a 40 file license being capable of processing the largest solution in the above example) and process the various sets of files separately.

When I try to register MetadataMagic on my Mac, I get this error message:''Registered, but could not save to Registration.key file due to error: -5000 MetadataMagic_PI 2.0.3''.

“Error -5000” indicates a Mac OS X privilege violation. To store the registration data, a file is created in the “FileMaker Extensions” folder in the FileMaker application folder (the same place you installed the MetadataMagic plug-in). If the Mac OS X account you are using does not have privileges to write to this folder, the file cannot be created due to the privilege violation, so the registration data is not saved. This might happen if FileMaker Pro was installed using a different account than the one you are using. To solve this problem you could: a) Change the privileges for the “FileMaker Extensions” folder to allow read-write access for your account; or b) Log-in with the same account that owns the FileMaker Extensions folder, and register MetadataMagic. After the registration data is saved successfully once, the file does not need to be written again, so you can revert your account/privileges if you wish.

Can I process another set of files without loosing the browsable issues database from the first? Can I switch back and forth easily between multiple projects?

It is common that a developer wants to retain the information in MetadataMagic due to having multiple solutions or versions of a solution.

The simplest method of doing so is to put the MetadataMagic folder into a new folder named for its contents, e.g. “MyDatabase_2012_MDM”, then unstuff/unzip a fresh copy of MetadataMagic in a different folder for processing a different solution.

The files of MetadataMagic use relative references, so there is no problem having many copies of MetadataMagic on one computer. To switch back and forth, close one copy of MetadataMagic and open another.

If you use the same copy of the FileMaker Pro application, you do not need to go through the install/register procedure again, you can simply start using the fresh copy.

You can have more than one copy of MetadataMagic open concurrently by using multiple versions/copies of the FileMaker Pro application. You will need to perform the install/register procedure one time for each copy of the application.

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