FMrobot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about FMrobot.

Where can I find a Revision History for FMrobot?

Click here for FMrobot’s Revision History.

Where can I download a demo version of FMrobot?

Click here for FMrobot’s download page. It will function in demo mode until you purchase a license key.

Is FMRobot available for FileMaker 11?

Because much of the functionality offered by FMrobot is now available within the most recent version of FileMaker, we have made the decision not to update FMrobot for FileMaker 11. We continue to support the final version of FMrobot for everyone who uses FileMaker 10 or earlier.

Even though FMrobot is not available for FileMaker 11, I still want to us FMrobot because of it's ability to transfer relationships on the relationship graph. Is there anything I can do?

You can still use FMrobot with FileMaker 10. You can have both FM10 and FM11 installed on your computer concurrently. And even if you now primarily use FM 11 to run you files, you can still open them in FM10 Advanced to generate the Database Design Report, and then open your target file in FM10 so FMrobot can rebuild the necessary elements there… and then reopen the files in FM11 for any final work specific to FM 11.

When I buy FMRobot, can my license key be registered to the company I work at, rather than to myself?

FMrobot is a single-user product. We do not issue license keys for this product in the name of a group or organization; we issue licenses in the name of an individual only.

I've received my license key. Where is the registration field?

Launch FMrobot, and under the About menu, select Register. That will take you to the “registration area” where you can enter your registration code.

Will FMrobot 2.0 be available for Mac?

A Mac version of FMrobot that is compatible with FileMaker 10 was planned, but with the release of FileMaker 11 (which natively provides many of the features of FMrobot) this plan has been canceled. The final Mac version of FMrobot is 1.7, compatible with FileMaker 9 Advanced (as well as FileMaker 7 Developer or 8/8.5 Advanced).

Is FMRobot capable of copying Layouts, Value Lists, and Scripts?

FMrobot handles value lists and (on Windows) allows for the transfer of relationships. FMrobot does not directly handle layouts and scripts, however. The reason for this is that scripts can be imported with built-in features in FileMaker Pro, and layouts can be quickly copied and pasted. In the How To.pdf document (included with the demo download), we explain how to use FMrobot to make sure that scripts and layouts resolve correctly when moved between files.

My copy of FMrobot keeps crashing when I try to launch it, but with no error messages or anything. What could be causing this?

If FMrobot crashes on startup and the keyboard is not set to US, change the keyboard to US in the System Preferences and try again. In the System Preferences, go to the “International” preferences and click on the ”Input Menu” tab. That will show which country keyboard configuration you are using.

When I launch my Mac version of FMrobot, I just get the spinning beach ball cursor. Why?

If FileMaker has a dialog open (Define Database, etc.) when you launch FMrobot or click the Refresh button, then FMrobot may show the spinning beach ball and seem to hang. Close the FileMaker dialog and FMrobot will continue.

When I try to select my Database Design Report, FMrobot says that it is ''not a valid XML file''. What does that mean?

A few things can cause FMrobot to not recognize your Database Design Report:

– Make sure your DDR is in XML format.
When you are creating your DDR, make sure to select “XML” (not “HTML”) as the report format.

– DDRs generated by FMDev 6
FP5 Database Design Reports (generated by FileMaker Developer 6) require a quick manual modification before the Mac version of FMrobot will recognize them as valid XML files. To do this, open the XML DDR file in TextEdit, perform a “Save As”, make sure the text encoding is set to UTF-16, give the file a new name (important!), and then save it. FMrobot will then recognize the XML file as valid. Please note, however, that we strongly recommend working with DDRs generated by FileMaker Developer 7 or FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced for the reasons mentioned earlier in the documentation!

– DDR Platform
You typically should generate the Database Design Report on the same platform that you will use when running FMrobot. FMrobot running on a Mac may not recognize the DDR as a valid XML file if the DDR was generated on Windows.

If FMrobot does not recognize your DDR source file as valid XML, it probably means that your DDR was generated on Windows but you are running FMrobot on Mac, or vice versa. To solve this problem, you can either generate a new DDR on your Mac, or you can open the Windows-generated XML file and save it under a new name using UTF16 file format.

– DDRs from served files
In certain instances, generating the DDR from a file which was hosted by FileMaker Server (rather than opened locally in FileMaker Pro) has caused errors in the DDR. Generating the DDR from a locally open copy of the files has remedied the problem.

– Unreadable DDRs
In rare cases, errors in the DDR (possibly due to a FileMaker bug) have caused FMrobot to not be able to read the DDR file. Selecting only ‘Tables’ has remedied the problem.Why don't my fields show up in the list even though I selected the source file? If your DDR is for a multi-table solution, make sure you have also selected the table you want to work with. If you’ve done that and still see no fields listed… In certain instances, generating the DDR from a file which was hosted by FileMaker Server (rather than opened locally in FileMaker Pro) has caused errors in the DDR. Generating the DDR from a locally open copy of the files has remedied the problem.

I don't normally have my system set to English. Will that cause any problems for FMrobot?

Language considerations: FMrobot depends upon English keyboard shortcuts. If the FileMaker application preference is not set to “English”, FMrobot will not work properly. It is also advisable to run your Database Design Report in English; otherwise all calculations which include functions will be commented out.

In my Mac version of FMrobot, I keep getting an error message stating that ''no dialogs can be open'', but I don't have any dialogs open. What's causing this?

Make sure that your target FileMaker Pro file is not in Layout mode when you click the ‘Create’ button in FMrobot; otherwise, you may get the error message you described.

Does the Mac version move relationships and TOs too?

The Mac version of FMrobot does not transfer relationships and TOs. The Mac version does, however, have all of the other functionality — fields, tables, value lists, custom functions, and privilege sets.

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