Your needs are evolving and so is FileMaker. Whether you have been using FileMaker for years or are picking it up for the first time, the latest build of FileMaker represents a new way to think about your problems and their solutions.

The power and flexibility available in this phenomenal technology pushes past the limits of its predecessor and its competitors. FileMaker is a powerful cross-platform (Mac and Windows) business tool, and New Millennium is the business systems expert able to help you leverage its power throughout your company.

Working with you and your IT staff, we deliver solutions for today’s most pressing problems and provide the flexibility you need for tomorrow.

We take a business-centered approach to software design and implementation. We start where you are now – enhancing and integrating existing systems – while creating an adaptable and scalable framework for future growth.

Our team includes business management and accounting professionals, software design experts, and some of the most advanced FileMaker developers in the world. Our areas of expertise in custom FileMaker solutions include:

  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Business process and needs analysis
  • System and data structure evaluation and optimization
  • Solutions where data integrity is critical
  • Security evaluation and secure system design
  • Working with high volumes of data and optimizing performance
  • User interface and workflow design
  • Multi-platform systems
  • Javascript, Node.js, REST, Tableau, AI and BI Technologies
  • Scaleable software solutions from Workgroup to Enterprise
  • Accounting-only solutions

We are a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and an Authorized Reseller


Platinum is the highest level of business association granted by FileMaker, Inc.. Furthermore, New Millennium has been a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner for 10+ years. We are a recognized leader in the FileMaker community and continue to work closely with FileMaker, Inc.


Whether you are trying FileMaker for the first time or upgrading to the latest version, we can guide you through the FileMaker product range to ensure that your business has exactly what it needs to thrive.

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“We were quite genuinely moving towards the idea that FileMaker was no longer a suitable platform for our future. That feeling was ultimately borne out of a lack of understanding not only of the bigger picture of FileMaker code, but also some of its smallest nuances, which can often make the difference between success and failure of implementing a particular task or feature.

The time we spent with you has not only reversed that position, but stimulated and enthused us to move forward confidently with FileMaker. We are now significantly, clearly, and greatly inspired as to the benefits. We are under no illusions as the extent of the work involved in this for our business, but can now put that work into the context of the truly awesome benefits it presents us with for the future.”

— Michael Power, Delta Financial Systems Ltd.