Client Testimonials

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Testimonials about Genesis

  • Paul Miller

    Genesis is just perfect for us. It’s allowed our business to expand year after year and to maintain easy and close control over our expenses and receivables. Though our business has grown eight-fold over the seven years we’ve been using Genesis, it has never let us down and it’s still ideal for us. And on the rare occasions we’ve had a problem or needed some special help, New Millennium has always come through quickly and cost effectively. Thanks!

    Paul Miller President at Quell
  • Marla Glauser

    I am enjoying using the Genesis product… we have been able to reduce our staff and the ease of use makes my job more streamlined.

    Marla Glauser VP and Controller at Panzano & Partners LLC
  • Darren Terry

    I just finished a large FileMaker project integrating a custom-built front end (that I built) with Genesis Accounting on the back end. The integration was a dream, and it worked pretty much perfectly. New Millennium helped me customize some of the back-end functionality to match what my client needs. I can’t recommend Genesis enough.

    Darren Terry at FileMaker Developer
  • Elaine S. Beale

    As a sales promotion and marketing agency for the health food and nutritional supplements industry, Sunbelt Sales and Marketing must meet the complex marketing needs of a variety of clients, as well as its own. As a result, its business model is unique and requires the effective management of multiple inventories, complex sales promotions, and countless details. To more effectively manage the business, we developed our own internal data management system. After approximately five years, due to the growth and expansion of our company, we began to seek an all-inclusive and consistently stable management system, i.e., a complete package.

    Once we began working with New Millennium Communications and using Genesis, it became clear that we could accomplish things with information management that we had previously thought out of reach… we can implement our complete business model and integrate our most subtle and complex needs.

    Using a phased implementation plan, we were able to utilize parts of Genesis to great advantage while simultaneously working on the remainder of the system.

    I recommend the services of New Millennium Communications with complete confidence in the value of the product and the integrity of its personnel.

    Elaine S. Beale Chief Operating Officer at Sunbelt Sales & Marketing


Read about the implementation of Genesis at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (a modern 300-acre industrial park) in this article from FileMaker Advisor magazine: “Success Story: Brooklyn Navy Yard” (.PDF)