Genesis Accounting™ —
Part of the Genesis Financial Suite

Genesis Accounting is a business management solution which encompasses the general ledger accounting functions of your business:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Journal
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements

Designed for seamless integration with the other modules of the Genesis Financial Suite, Genesis Accounting is also available separately for integration with any existing commercial or custom FileMaker solution that already performs your organization’s contact management, invoicing, and purchasing. In fact, before the Genesis Financial Suite was available, Genesis Accounting was our primary product.

  • The most robust general-application accounting package available in FileMaker.
  • Mature product available since 1998.
  • Powerful and flexible financial reporting.
  • Multi-user with industrial strength protection for data integrity.
  • Secure audit log and password protection.
  • Button-driven, easy-to-use intuitive interface.
  • Designed by accounting professionals.
  • Available for FileMaker 15.

Use Genesis Accounting™ in one of two ways

  • As an integral part of the Genesis Financial Suite, an enterprise business system comprising Genesis Transactions (core transaction and operations functions), Genesis Accounting (GL, AP and AR), and Genesis Business Metrics (an optional module for advanced financial analysis). Together, you have a complete business management and financial system entirely in FileMaker; one integrated information matrix to build and distribute knowledge throughout your organization.
  • Or, merge it with your existing commercial or custom FileMaker solution to provide a seamless integration of all your business processes. This enables automatic posting of customer and vendor transactions from your FileMaker files to the Genesis Accounting FileMaker files. No more export/import or manual re-entry. Genesis Accounting works with a broad range of front-end solutions. Obtain the benefit of live, real time accounting data viewed in your files and up to the minute accounting reports and financial statements from the accounting files. Read about how we’ve made this easy.


  • Eighteen months open – the current fiscal year and the first six months of the next fiscal year. Relax, you have six months to close your fiscal year.
  • Lock past months – no data entry allowed in locked months. Unlock and relock at will.
  • Financial statements – current year and five prior years. Many ways to group and summarize. Compare any year to any year.
  • 12 Month Income Statement – see all 12 months and year-to-date totals side by side on one report. For the current year or any of the five prior years. At the click of a button. In seconds. On screen or printed.
  • Drill Down – click on any amount on the Balance Sheet or Income Statement to drill down to the transaction detail. Makes research a breeze.
  • General Ledger detail report – see all transactions in an account or a range of accounts. Filter by date range, transaction number range, contact name, description, department, job, or by other categories. You won’t believe how easy it is to find the detail you want and exclude the detail you don’t want.
  • Bank Reconciliation – complete, easy to use bank reconciliation. Multiple bank accounts.
  • Import Journal Entries – from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Dual entry – post from Invoices to AR or enter directly in AR. Same with Purchase Orders and AP. Transactions from both sources appear together for all functions.
  • Unpost transactions – unpost and delete or unpost, correct, and repost.
  • AR Prepayments and Direct Receipts – record customer prepayments or other receipts for which no receivable exists. Apply prepayments to outstanding receivables.
  • AP Direct payment – record payments to vendors or others for which no payable exists.
  • AR and AP Aging Reports – receivables detail or summary for a single customer, or for all customers, at any aging cutoff date in a open period. Same for payables and vendors.
  • AR Customer Statements – balance forward or open items statements at any cutoff date in a open period. Very cool statements with lots of data. Will show prepayments.
  • Sales Commission Report – pay commissions on collected amounts only.
  • AR and AP Transaction History reports – in date order or transaction # order, by date range or document range. Trace anything quickly. See all transactions related to a particular receivable or payable. Quick and efficient. It has never been so easy to see what happened.


What’s included with Genesis Accounting?

General Ledger, AR, AP, robust Statements and Reports, Journal and Reconciliation functions designed with a smart interface architecture to link to your existing system, or to Genesis Transactions.

Does Genesis Accounting handle payroll?

Not by itself. There are many payroll applications and services that are excellent and cost effective. We designed Genesis Accounting to take advantage of these services with easy information extraction to payroll solutions. We can help you select and integrate the best payroll solution for your needs

Does Genesis Accounting come with open code?

Only the layout mode is open to changes by the client. Code level changes are not open.

Is Genesis Accounting compatible with Mac?

Yes. Genesis Accounting is compatible with all popular Windows and Mac platforms; multiple users and multiple locations are supported in real-time by accessing the same server from either Mac or Windows devices (or both).

My existing accounting solution is working for me. Why would I switch to Genesis Accounting?

Genesis Accounting provides real-time, seamless linking to the rest of your FileMaker system. You save information transfer time, gain accuracy, and get instant feedback on the financial position of your company. These benefits are powerfully clear once you experience them.

My accounting information is sensitive, can I protect the data?

Yes. Genesis Accounting’s architecture protects data while maintaining strict accounting protocols.

Is a downloadable demo of Genesis Accounting available?

No. We can arrange for your company to participate in a guided tour of the full software via a remote connection. Contact our sales department at 303.444.1476 x203 for details.

Is Genesis Right for You?

We are happy to answer that question personally.

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